Discount Vouchers : Pros And Cons of MLM Product

In our previous article, Discount vouchers : MLM Product Information, we have understand what this MLM Product is, how it works and how MLM companies can use this product or manage service of this product on their own instead of buying it from any service provider.

In this article  we are going to see some of the PROs and CONs of having discount vouchers as your MLM Product.

PROs of having Discount vouchers MLM Product :

  • MLM company can show their members that they provides them discount vouchers worth more value than the money they pay
  • By displaying that they are providing discounts from big brands, MLM companies can boast about their reach and status ( which can be lie in most of the cases !!)

CONs of having discount vouchers MLM Product :

  • The biggest of all, associates can lose their trust on MLM company or on its promises when they don’t get their discount redemption due to complicated terms and conditions or due to lack of will of giving it by the end of service providers.
  • Discount vouchers are the product which goes unused in most cases. Very few people actually claim their redemption, rarely. So it is just a product to show. So if we think about profit or loss, the amount can be considered as clear loss of MLM company which it pays to buy discount vouchers from service providers.
  • It can turn loyal members to lose their trust on company if any of the associate don’t get their discount, which can harm reputation of the company and business as well.
  • In spite of having no usability, MLM company will have o take care of the services of discount vouchers like making it available to all the users via courier, entertain their queries if they don’t receive it on time, guide them on how to redeem it and so on.

After going through the PROs and CONs, we suggest MLM companies not to opt discount vouchers as their MLM Product. And still if they want it anyhow, we suggest them to manage it on their own as it doesn’t worth giving such a huge amount to any service provider for the product which is just for to show and attract prospects.

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