Fabrics : Pros And Cons of MLM Products

In our previous article, Fabrics : MLM Product Information, we have seen why MLM companies are providing this product, how it works and whether companies should have this product or not.

In this article, we will discuss about some of the PROs and CONs of having Fabrics as a product.

PROs of having fabrics MLM Products :

  • Companies can cover wide user base by providing fabrics for all kind of people in their product package or as stand alone package.
  • Companies can sell these products as stand alone products.

CONs of having fabrics MLM Products :

  • Companies can face issues related to the quality of the material they provide to their members or customers.
  • With growing e-commerce industry in India, people are more likely to prefer big brands to purchase fabrics, clothing etc over any MLM company.
  • Market of the fabric product is full of bog brands with good market reputation. It can be hard for MLM companies to compete with them.
  • Companies can’t be able to compete with these big brands price wise, as these big companies keep offering discounts, sales, and many other offers.
  • Companies will have responsibility of making product available to members. They will have to manage courier services, they will have to keep check on whether the product reaches to the customers or not, they will have to entertain the questions related to the product if arises. They will have to provide services like these, which can cost them extra time, money and even man force, which can effect their core marketing business.
  • Providing these products can cause loss in company’s market reputation because of the standards of the quality of these products available in MLM Industry.

As we can see, there are more CONs of having these product than PROs. We recommend that any MLM company should avoid these products in their companies if it wants to do the business properly with progress.

Hope this article and our previous article will help you in taking the decision.

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