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FMCG products have been one of the important product in MLM Industry from many years. Most of the companies provides FMCG products as major part of their products or product package. Still, FMCG sounds unfamiliar to many of us and we don;t know what it mean. So let’s understand a little about these products

What is FMCG ?

FMCG means Fast Moving Consumer Goods. It is also known as CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods).  FMCG products are products that are sold quickly and at relatively low cost, according to Wikipedia. Non durable goods such as soft drinks, toiletries, over the counter drugs, processed foods and other consumables can be considered as FMCG.

What this product contains ?

As we seen, every Fast Moving Consumable Goods can be considered as FMCG. The list of what products or what kind of products can be considered as FMCG is long.

You can refer Wikipedia to know more about FMCG products, click HERE to read.

How MLM companies can use this product?

There are many service providers in MLM industry who provide FMCG products. If any MLM company wants to sell FMCG products in their company, it purchases this products from the service providers. If MLM companies have a huge amount as budget, they can purchase these products from manufacturers as well. Companies purchase these products either in bulk or in specific quantity. They have to purchase products in minimum quantity service provider decided. After purchasing these products from service providers or from manufacturer, companies sell it in their product package combos, as stand alone products or as repurchase products. Companies add their margins in the price on which they purchased these products from service providers and this way they earn their profits.

As competition is increasing in FMCG product market day by day with emergence of many new big brands and mediums to sell these products, MLM companies should consider many things before deciding to provide FMCG products.

We recommend MLM companies to go through PROs and CONs of having FMCG product in their MLM company and then decide.

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