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With increment in health consciousness of people, herbal products started gaining importance in traditional market. And as it was becoming easily sell able product, it attracted MLM industry as well.

Many MLM companies started providing herbal products in their product packages or as stand alone packages.

Let’s understand what this product is, what it contains, how it works and how MLM companies can use it.

What is Herbal Products in MLM ?

As the name suggest, herbal products means herbal supplements which can be helpful to people in one or the other things and which can be consumed by people. All the products contains herbal content, ayurvedic contents can be considered as Herbal Products.

What this product contains?

Some of the herbal products available in MLM market is herbal tea, moringa, weight gain related products, weight lose related products, powders, wellness related products, men/women sexual wellness products, stress care related products, cosmetics, vitamins related products, food supplements, hair care related products and many more than these all.

This health products come in many forms like powders, capsules, oil, balm, ointment, syrup, granules, spray etc.

How it works ?

There are some service providers in MLM who manufacture herbal products and provide to it to MLM companies to sell it to their end users. Service providers provides these products according to the requirements of MLM companies and according to the budget of MLM companies. They manufacture this products and provide it them with the name, label or branding of client MLM companies so that MLM companies can sell it to their end users by their name.

How MLM companies can use it?

As said above, MLM companies, who want to provide herbal products purchases these products from service providers who provides them these products according to their requirements and budget with their label on it. From the list of various products, MLM company select which products they want to sell, than they purchase these products in minimum quantity decided by service providers by paying them the amount in advance.

Service provider provides them the products and then MLM companies sell it in their product packages or as stand alone products or repurchase products, according to their business plan.

MLM companies purchases this products in very cheap rates from the service providers and sell it to their members or customers in market prices of products with high margins and this is how they earn their profits.

To all the MLM companies planning to sell herbal products, we suggest to go through the pros and cons of the products and than to take decision whether this can be right and profitable product for them or not.

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