Herbal Products : Pros And Cons of MLM Products

In our previous article, Herbal Products : MLM Product Information, we have seen what herbal product means, what it contains, how it works, how MLM companies can use it and what MLM companies should consider its pros andf cons before deciding to sell it in their company.

In this article, we will discuss some of the PROs and CONs of having herbal products in MLM company.

PROs of having herbal products in MLM Company :

  • As these products contains supplements which can help in many health related issues of wide group of people, MLM companies can attract large user base by providing herbal products.
  • MLM companies can earn more profits by selling these products. As herbal products service provider provides in MLM industry come in cheap rates (and with cheap quality as well), MLM companies can set high margins on herbal products. MLM companies can also have more profits by reselling the products to their existing members.

CONs of having herbal products in MLM company :

  • Herbal products available in MLM industry are cheap in quality and can’t be trusted when it comes to the health of members. If MLM companies are selling these products then they may have to face issues related to the quality of the products or even related to side effects of the products.
  • There are many big brands in traditional market who sell herbal products. Users will prefer these big brands in instead of any MLM company as quality of the products from these brands is good and brands are reliable and trustworthy.
  • MLM companies can find difficulty in convincing users or members to use their products as already there are many trustworthy big brands available which provides the same products with better quality and comparatively reasonable rates.
  • And as there are many big reputed and trustworthy brands already available, it is more than difficult for MLM companies to compete with these brands.
  • MLM companies have to purchase these products in quantity. So they have to invest huge amount in product in advance. Besides this, they have to keep purchasing more and more in order to keep providing it to their new customers which means they have to keep investing money in their products again and again.
  • MLM companies can have to deal with issues related to courier services as they have to set up courier service to make products available to their members. This can cost MLM companies more money, more time and more man force, which can also end up affecting their business in bad way.

So, these were some of the pros and cons of having herbal products in MLM company, there may be more pros and cons than these.

To all the MLM companies planning to provide herbal products, we suggest not to go for herbal products, after observing there are more cons of having these products than pros.

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