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What is Holiday Voucher?

Here we are discussing Holiday Voucher, MLM Holiday Voucher or Free Holiday Voucher. The first thing which should be clear is don’t get it confused with Holiday Package. As Holiday Package is something you specifically design or make some service provider (like a travel agent or agency) design for you according to your choices of destinations on your choice of time as per your budget.

Holiday Voucher, MLM Holiday Voucher or Free Holiday Voucher is a gift voucher, concept of which was designed to provide as an incentive or reward or as a motivation for people associated with an organization in which users have to comply with the terms and conditions of the service provider providing Holiday Voucher to an organization. These terms and conditions can be like users can’t do group bookings or they can’t get bookings on their choice of destinations if service provider denies of having availability of given choice of hotels or destinations.

How it Works?

Users will get a single Holiday Voucher as a gift along with a product or service they purchase which they have to redeem before it’s validity expires.

Right now there are 2 types of redemption systems in practice,which are described below in details:

  • Online Redemption :

In this process of Online redemption,users will have unique number or code written on Holiday Voucher which they have to fill in redemption website given on their holiday voucher so users have to open the redemption site and fill necessary details asking on redemption site including their unique number or code for log in. After logging in, users have to fill up details like name,age,some kind of identity proof if required.After that users have to provide their preferred lists of dates and destinations according to the type of their voucher.For example,if a user is having 3 Dates 3 Destinations Holiday Voucher then he or she has to provide their preferred 3 dates and 3 destinations and have to submit the filled form.After that, the service provider will have liberty to provide any date and any destination from given choices. A user has to pay utility charges* online if it is necessary.

  • Offline Redemption :

In Offline redemption,there will be a form in Holiday Voucher itself where user have to fill the necessary details like name,age,preference of destinations and dates according to type of the Holiday Voucher and send it with necessary details required like documents of identity and/or draft of necessary utility charges* to address given on Holiday Voucher.

In both redemption processes, Users need to understand terms and conditions of their Holiday Voucher before booking.For example,if Holiday Voucher has a condition that user has to submit booking application before 21 days of first preferred date then the user can not provide a date before 21 days from the date of application and a date after validity expires.

(UTILITY CHARGES: it is a specific amount printed on holiday voucher which user have to pay while redemption. Amount of payment will be predefined by service provider for every Holiday Voucher)

Classifications of Holiday Voucher available in MLM market

There are many kinds of Holiday Voucher available in MLM market.

Classification based on the duration of holiday accommodation:

1) 1 night 2 days Holiday Voucher.

2) 2 nights 3 days Holiday Voucher.

3) 3 nights 4 days Holiday Voucher.

4) 4 nights 5 days Holiday Voucher.

5) 5 nights 6 days Holiday Voucher.

Classification based on numbers of people can redeem:

1) Holiday Voucher for 2 ADULTS & 2 CHILDREN.

2) Holiday Voucher for 4 ADULTS & 4 CHILDREN.

Classification based on the preference of dates and destinations:

1) 3 dates and 3 destinations Holiday Voucher.

2) 2 dates 2 destinations Holiday Voucher.

3) 1 date 1 destination Holiday Voucher.

4) 1 date 3 destinations Holiday Voucher .

5) 1 destination 3 dates Holiday Voucher.

6) 1 date 2 destinations Holiday Voucher.

7) 2 dates 1 destination Holiday Voucher.

Classification based on utility charges:

1) Holiday Voucher with utility charge.

2) Holiday Voucher without utility charge.

Classification based on membership duration:

1) 1 year membership Holiday Voucher.

2) 2-years membership Holiday Voucher.

3) 3-years membership Holiday Voucher and

4) 5 years membership Holiday Voucher

Classification based on facility of Split nights :

1) Holiday Voucher where user can have facility to choose different destinations for duration of accommodation.

2) Holiday Voucher where user can only choose 1 destination for duration of accommodation

Classification based on Cashback facilities :

1) Holiday Voucher without any cash back.

2) Holiday Voucher with 1000/- INR traveling cash back.

3) Holiday Voucher with 1000/- INR food cash back.

4) Holiday Voucher with 2000/- INR traveling cash back.

5) Holiday Voucher with 2000/- INR food cash back.

6) Holiday Voucher with 1000/- INR traveling and 1000/- INR food cash back (total 2000/- INR cash back).


What is available in this product?

This product operates two ways, you can redeem it Online and Offline too, depending upon facility your service provider provides you. Your user will have to redeem Holiday Voucher or coupon provided to them as a part of your product. If you have facility of Online redemption provided by your service provider, your users will have to  fill up form using a unique code (let’s say “Holiday Voucher Coupon Code” or something like that). After submitting redemption request, user will get holiday he or she requested ( only if his/her request complies to all the terms & conditions of your service provider) by your service provider.


How MLM companies can use this product?

Holiday vouchers can be used as a product or service in MLM Companies. MLM Companies can provide holiday voucher as a gift or as a part of product package to user. And to provide it, MLM Company has to purchase it from or do agreement with any service provider who provides holiday services, by giving service provider money of holiday vouchers in advance, at the time of agreement. After that, MLM Company can provide purchased holiday voucher to its users, service of which will be provided by service provider from which company has purchased vouchers. And the, users of the MLM company with Holiday Voucher or Voucher code can use Holiday voucher provided to them, by using redemption method provided by the service provider. If redemption method is offline, MLM Companies will get printed holiday vouchers which they will provide to their customers. And if redemption method is online then company will have a virtual place, let’s say a website, or an application from where user can redeem provided voucher, redemption data collected from there will be sent to service provider by MLM company and Service provider will provide holiday service to user or customer of MLM company.

Let’s understand this process by an example. Suppose that there is an MLM company name “A” and this company wants to provide Holiday Voucher to its users. And there is a holiday service provider name “H”. Now MLM company “A” will go to service provider “H”. If service provider is providing service of holiday through offline redemption, MLM company will have to purchase fixed quantity of printed holiday voucher from it by paying amount of the vouchers purchased,which will have a specific time limit. After purchasing vouchers, MLM companies can provide, distribute or sell these vouchers to their customers or users. Now, if user wants to redeem voucher, he/she will have to fill up redemption form printed on holiday voucher and send it to either MLM company or service provider, as per their system. After receiving redemption claim form, service provider will check if it complies with terms and conditions or not. If it complies with terms and conditions, user will get his/her requested holiday. And if service provider is providing service of holiday vouchers through online redemption, user will have to fill up redemption form available online, data of which will go to service provider. After receiving data of redemption form, service provider will check if data complies with terms and conditions or not. If it complies with terms and conditions, user will be provided with requested holiday.

This is how Holiday Vouchers in MLM Industry works. There are many service providers in market who claims to provide holiday vouchers, but we strongly recommend to choose service provider who genuinely willing to provide services to users of it’s client MLM companies instead of just collecting money from them. And if they are providing holiday vouchers with online redemption facility, it will be good for both company and its users.

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