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From different products available in market of MLM industry today, Online education is one of the promising and best available product. This product is preferred by most of the new generation MLM companies today, because of its advance benefits. Let’s take a little information about this product.

What is Online education?

Online education is a MLM product in which MLM company provides its members facility to learn courses through internet, with its advance benefits. In this product, when user buy package from MLM company, MLM company gives user exclusive access to its platform, where user can enroll with their unique member ID and Password. This platform can be an online education system, an app or anything on internet from where user can access these courses.

After enrolling on this platform, user can log in whenever he/she wants at anytime and they can have access to educational content provided by MLM company. They can learn from it.

How it Works?

There are service providers in MLM industry who provides this product. These service provider designs education courses once and then provide rights to sell this courses to MLM companies and provide service to them. MLM company which wants to provide this product in their MLM company, buys the special rights to sell these courses with agreement from the service provider. Service provider provide them rights to sell these courses to their end users with required platform like education portal or mobile application.

MLM company pays the amount to set up and maintain these system to service provider and in return they give MLM company rights to sell these courses to its members and provide them end-to-end service related to education content they provided.

Things this product contains :

Things Online education product contains depends on the requirement of MLM companies and varies from service provider to service provider. Some MLM companies provide online education courses via integrating it to their MLM software, some MLM companies provides online education through separate online education portal, some MLM companies provide online education through online education portal and mobile app as well. It all depend on the requirement of MLM company, it’s budget and ability of its’ service provider whether service provider can provide it or not.

So, basically this product contains content of the education, which can be provided to members through different mediums. And these mediums are online education portal of service provider, separate online education portal of MLM company, mobile application etc

What is available in this product?

In market of MLM industry, there are many type of online education available. Some service provider provides it in text format through a basic website, Some service provider provides it through text and video content, in which half of the courses content are in video and half of the courses content are in text. Some service provider provides it via their own online education portal where users have to go to their online education portal and study from there. Some service provider provides it through audio visual content with separate online education portal and other mediums of the company.

The way MLM company provides course or kind of courses MLM company provide depends on the budget that company wants to spend on online education product.

If we talk about the course content, right now in MLM industry there are courses of computer education available in many MLM companies. Some of the MLM companies recently started providing Spoken English as well. Content of this courses varies from service provider to service provider and from MLM company to MLM company.

If we talk about quality, there are some service providers who provides text copied from online sources like wikipedia in the name of online education. There are some service providers who provides combination of text copied from sources like wikipedia and videos copied from some other video sources like YouTube. There are some service providers who provides courses content designed and developed by someone else without any rights to sell it. Whereas, there are also some genuine service providers who have designed and developed their own online education course content and online education system. So be aware and double check the content before buying it from any service provider.

How MLM companies can use this product?

As we said earlier, there are service providers who designed and produce online education courses content. They set up a system of online education by investing money in it. Once the system is developed, they offer MLM companies access to this system and charge some money from them.

Depending upon budget of the MLM company, service provider provide them content of the courses, make a separate education portal and system for them, make a mobile app for them and give them rights to sell their content to its end users, to its members.

If we talk about the charges, there are some service providers who charges for every sale from the MLM company whereas there are also some service providers who charges only once from the MLM company to set up their system and give them annual rights to sell access of these courses to unlimited end users. Besides system set up cost, they just charge nominal cost annually to maintain the system so MLM companies can again sell it to unlimited end users for all these years.

We hope this article will help you to take decision about adapting online education product for your company and in deciding from which service provider you should buy it.

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